Drunk Driving

Currently if you get caught poaching a deer or elk in the state of Utah, you have a pretty good chance of losing your truck, license and gun.  You will also pay a fine and may get jail time.  You will also be publically disgraced on television.   If you drive drunk and kill someone, you may make it on the news and will be tried in court.  A fine is certain but you won’t lose your automobile, license or any other belongings.  You may get some jail time. 

The penalty for drunk driving should be more severe than the penalty for poaching an animal.  I think the argument has been that the offender needs their automobile to get to work.  I think this argument is flawed.  In the case of poaching; the automobile is not a weapon.  When someone gets killed by a drunk driver the weapon is always the automobile.  I think many people would agree that the first time you get caught drunk driving you should lose your automobile, pay a fine and receive probation.  This would be a pretty strong deterrent.  A second offense should include jail time etc.   I feel the penalty for killing a person should be more severe than the penalty for harvesting a game animal out of season.