Are You an Independent Thinker?

Probably Not. The other day I was thinking about how most people in this world are non-thinkers. They are led around like sheep. Think about it. If you live in the city, you are going to be more socially liberal. If live in the country you tend to be conservatively minded. If you come from a liberal family you will be more liberal. If you come from a conservative family you will be more conservative. If you family likes country music you will have a much better chance of liking country music. It all seems obvious right? Well, that tells me that most people don’t do much serious thinking. So what about me? I live in a conservative community and family. Guess what? I’m conservative. I’m more conservative than most but I still fit the mold.  I could go through many of my social circles and see how my way of thinking conforms. Am I a sheep like everyone else or am I a deep thinker that just happen to get it right and right just happens to be LDS conservative. Of course that is what I think deep down. I don’t think of myself as a major follower but I do believe my philosophies are correct. If I didn’t I wouldn’t prescribe them. Action Items: 

  • Expose myself to different cultures and ideas

  • Look at the philosophies that I embrace that are closely correlated with my culture and seriously look at the other viewpoints.

  • Be more tolerant of other people’s ideas since I am most likely a sheep.