White Trash Collection

With Brad Paisley’s new song “Ticks”, I was inspired to create a white trash compilation for my truck. Here is my playlist in case you want to create your own.

-Sammy Kershaw-Double Wide Trailer
-Loretta Lynn with Conway Twitty-You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly
-Brad Paisely-I want to check you for Ticks
-Mel McDaniel-Lousiana Saturday Night
-Kentucky Headhunters-Dumas Walker
-George Jones-White Lightning
-Alan Jackson-I’m Married To A Waitress
-Travis Tritt-Country Club
-Johnny Lee-Lookin’ For Love In All The Wrong Places
-Shenandoah-Next to You, Next to Me
-Johnny Paycheck-Don’t Take Her She’s All I’ve Got
-Jeannie C. Riley-Harper Valley P.T.A
-Roger Miller-Dang Me
-Vince Gill-One More Last Chance
-Johnny Paycheck-Take This Job and Shove It
-Roger Miller-King of the Road
-Derailers-Raspberry Beret
-George Strait-Adalida
-Garth Brooks-American Honky Tonk Bar Association
-John Conlee-Miss Emily’s picture
-Merle Haggard-Okie From Muskogee
-Merle Haggard-Rainbow Stew
-Joe Diffie-Pickup Man

Honorable Mentions:
-Willie Nelson-If You’ve Got The Money I’ve Got The Time
-David Alan Coe-If That Aint Country
-Garth Brooks-Two Of A Kind, Workin’ On A Full House
-Hayseed Dixie-Back In Black
-Johnny Cash-One Piece at a Time


As a serious consumer of carbonated beverages, I frequently hear about the negatives of drinking carbonated water. I’ve heard that drinking carbonated beverages causes damaged to kidneys. I guess the bubbles have rough edges that tear the tissues. I’ve also heard too much carbon dioxide in the blood stream is bad. Another is that drinking carbonated beverages “cuts your wind”. Meaning a runner would not be able to get as much oxygen as they need. My friends doctor told him it puts too much CO2 in your blood stream. Excuse me….doesn’t every cell in your body create CO2?

Personally, when I drink a Coke, I walk around carefully so that the carbonation doesn’t get sloshed away. I try to avoid pouring Coke into a glass because I lose too much fizz in the process. When you drink a soda, the process of running across my tongue, around my uvula, over my oropharynx, into my throat, past my epiglottis, and down my esophagus will pretty much destroy all the carbonation. Anything left will become a burp.

Trust me, I drink a lot of soda. The other day I cut my arm. It didn’t make the “pishhhh” sound of opening a can. I wish it had, that would be pretty cool.