Trade with China

I like Chinese food. I also like Harbor Freight Tools but enough is enough. It’s time to get tough with China.

One of the biggest issues of the year is the discovery of lead in imported products from China. I’ve heard blame going to Mattel, the US Government and Chinese manufacturers. Glaringly missing is discussion about the Chinese government. We have been putting up with trade infractions from the Chinese for decades. Human rights violations, piracy, environmental controls, and espionage. Now is time to step up. We need to remove “Most Favored Trade Status”. I’m no fan of tariffs but in this case we should consider performing inspections on all Chinese imports and pay for it with a tariff on each imported good.

It should certainly be considered a setback on their joining the G8.

What if we don’t? Right now they are reaping the benefits of capitalism without playing by the rules. Yes, as a fierce capitalist I still believe in rules. The result is enriching a communist nation.


A new development today (Sept. 21, 2007)-

“BEIJING (Reuters) — Mattel, the world’s largest toymaker, apologized on Friday for damaging China’s reputation after recent massive recalls of its Chinese-made toys, admitting it targeted some goods that were actually up to scratch.”

Unbelievable! Now we are apologizing to China.

Henshaw “Superintendent of the Year”,5150,695208975,00.html

“Throughout the investigations math ordeal, Henshaw never lost his temper or became emotional in public.”

What is the reporter saying? Bringing up “not losing his temper” has an air of him being right. He was wrong on the issue.

What if we said, “We are giving Bush this award because he never lost his temper when people criticized the war in Iraq.” “Bill Gates is getting this award because he didn’t lose his temper when people were upset about the Windows blue screen of death.” “We celebrate Michael Brown head of FEMA because he didn’t lose his temper when people criticized the government over its handling of hurricane Katrina.”

What a joke! What a sick joke!

I hope he puts his award in perspective. It is a government award given to a GOVERNMENT worker for operating like a GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE!

Seeing him get an award for treating the parents in his district like trash–is infuriating.