The Rich Do Pay Their Fair Share

Dick Gephardt and many other liberals are constantly preaching that “the rich need to pay their fair share”. These statements that are designed to inflame class warfare are alive and well in Utah. Despite the fact that voucher dollars almost exclusively go to the poor and middle class, I frequently hear, “I don’t want to pay for some rich person to send their kid to private school.”

Here is an old fact that I love to recycle on a regular basis:



Even with all the tax breaks, looholes, shelters and off shore bank accounts; the rich do pay their fair share.

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  1. […] This is the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a long time. He must have lost his mind. The mega rich are infinitely better qualified for making good use of their money than politicians. They create jobs. Government creates welfare recipients. Jobs teach a man to fish. Government gives men a fish. Forget about tax breaks, loopholes, shelters. The rich still pay freaking all the taxes. 50% of Americans pay no federal tax. Shared sacrifice? Check out the top graph. […]

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