K-12 Educators are Predominantly Liberal

It’s a well known fact that college educators are predominantly liberal. For years I ignorantly assumed that this didn’t apply to K-12 educators. I thought they were “normal” meaning they were just as likely to be liberal or conservative as other citizens. I no longer hold that opinion. Educators tend to be liberal.

I think my previous assumption came from the fact that K-12 educators are not as personally vocal on liberal causes. University professors use television and publishing to champion their beliefs. Even those working for state schools are given tenure which allows them to champion personal beliefs while at work. Since K-12 educators are working with children I think there is an unspoken pressure stay silent to avoid the appearance of indoctrinating children.

For the last eight years I have had children in elementary and junior high schools. In dealing with teachers, teachers unions, principals, school districts and organizations such as the PTA; I have realized that they are fierce liberal organizations. They believe in the tenants of liberalism. They agree with the platform of the Democratic National Committee. They are outspoken on issues that have nothing to do with education.

The California Teachers Association is the #1 contributor in the fight against California’s Proposition 8 marriage amendment. They have donated over $1.3 million dollars to that cause. Don’t be fooled. They are not doing it to defend the interests of a few gay and lesbian teachers. They are doing it because as an organization they are liberal to the core. There are definitely thousands of teachers around the country who are conservative or even non-political but the organizations that represent them are liberal. 

We must stop thinking of teaching as a high and noble calling. It is a job. Teachers teach because they want a paycheck and they believe teaching will be an enjoyable way of earning the money. That’s not a put down. That is why mechanics fix cars. They want a paycheck and they believe working on cars will be an enjoyable way of earning the money. 

Every teacher should be treated individually and with the respect owed to any human being but teachers unions, school boards, school districts and the PTA are liberal bastions. They fight for liberal ideas and values. They are not centrists. They should be treated like the NAACP, NOW, ACLU, MoveOn, Sierra Club etc. Those organizations are recognized for being liberal and when they speak you know what is going to come out of their mouth. 

Liberal organizations have a right to exist and be respected but they should be known for what they are. Educational organizations have not been categorized with other liberal organizations because they want to work both sides of the fence. They want to be free to push a liberal agenda but be considered mainstream and centrist. They want to hide behind the facade of being, “for the children”. They are not “for the children”. They are for liberalism.

These organizations are always run by former educators and they are supported by educators. Educators are wholly responsible for their liberal message.

The Smiths vs. The Housemartins

The other day I was driving in the mountains and had the thought to put in the Housemartins. It’s been a while since I had played their tunes so my perspective was fresh. Their sound has obvious similarities to the Smiths. The Housemartins are really the Smiths if Morrissey took a Prozac. The Smiths have superior talent but if you are in a mood for upbeat lyrics give the Housemartins a try.


For years I have made a habit of ordering a free credit report each year. In order to get the free report they make you sign up for a paid account. They give you 30 days free afterwhich they start charging your credit card. I always cancel five minutes after I get the report so that I don’t forget.

Today I was reviewing my credit card bill and found this obscure charge. I did some checking and found I had missed this charge for the last 10 months. I called the number and guess who it was? Freecreditreport.com.

I told them I had cancelled the account immediately but my protests went nowhere. I told them I hadn’t received a phone call, letter or email this whole year. (yes I checked my spam filter) Saying that they didn’t care was an understatement.

It was my fault for not scanning my credit charges more thoroughly but that doesn’t excuse theft. I’m disputing it with my credit card provider but I don’t expect much to come of it.

An interesting note is that I recently signed up for credit monitoring from the same company. Our mortgage lender lost our personal information and offered to provide two years of free credit monitoring. I asked Experian (the owners of both companies) why they let me open two monitoring accounts with the same SSN. They said they were two different systems.

I’m convinced that the three credit bureaus are all crooked. 

Did I mention that the support person hung up on me after waiting 15 minutes to talk to her manager? I need to get in the habit of ALWAYS asking their name at the beginning of the call. I need to get in the habit of doing a lot of things.


I would like to start a new organization. I would call it MIDHTV. It stands for, “Make It Dang Hard To Vote”. I realize it doesn’t role off the tongue like ACORN but acronyms are not my best subject.

I’ve always held that age 18 is way too young to vote. I remember the stupidity running through my mind when I was 18. I remember thinking I would use cloth diapers when I had children so I wouldn’t pollute the environment. What was I thinking? We have Nevada just a hundred miles to the west. You could mound dirty diapers and other nuclear waste out there for ten thousand years. Not only am I fine with other states nuclear waste traveling through Utah bound for Nevada—I’m fine with other planets dumping their waste there. Ouch that was a tangent. Back to voting….

I just don’t think 18 year olds are experienced enough to vote. Realistically, 25 should be the minimum. I would prefer 30 but I don’t want to be inflexible.

There is one case where I would be for lowering the age back to 18. Remember the 70’s movie “Logan’s Run”? The movie depicts a future society in which population and the consumption of resources is managed and maintained in equilibrium by demanding the death of everyone upon reaching the age of 21, thus avoiding the issue of overpopulation. So, in the MIDHTV’s charter I would make a provision for such a change in our society. “In the event that everyone is forcibly euthanized at age 21, the legal voting age would revert back to age 18.” That seems like a reasonable variance.

Along with increasing the voting age, I would increase the barriers to voting. No typo’s there. You read correctly. I would INCREASE the barriers to voting. Voting is a privilege. In some countries people walk many miles to vote. Some risk death by voting. If you are not willing to manually register yourself, you shouldn’t be able to vote. And you better bring a photo ID with you. Fraud is serious. Someone caught stealing someone else’s vote should be branded with a capital “D” on their forehead. The D stands for “Democrat” a term synonymous with stealing votes.

If a person is not willing to go through the simple steps of manually registering, do you expect them to do the research necessary to make a well thought out decision? We live in a country where people are elected based on their looks, charisma, or other superficial qualities. That’s a lousy foundation for good government. I want someone smart, articulate and ugly. If we had uglier politicians maybe we would have less infidelity in Washington.

Another item I would change is the straight party vote. Can you imagine someone voting straight Nazi, or straight Khmer Rouge? How about straight Marijuana Party? If you can’t study the issues and form a knowledgeable opinion—just stay home. 

Poor Joe

Finally, the Obama campaign faces a real reporter but all they can do is run for cover. Biden absolutely crashed and burned. It shows that even veteran liberal politicians have no experience facing the press. I don’t consider the major news channels press. Frankly I don’t consider many of what are considered “right wing” news organizations as true press. When they get a rare interview with a liberal politician they soft toss questions so they don’t completely kill their opportunities for interviews in the future.  

The questions Joe faced had easy outs. He just couldn’t think of them because he was so shocked that the question was even asked. He never imagined a question about: ACORN, Obama’s “spread the wealth” comment or his own comment on an international crisis. These questions are nothing compared to the questions faced by Sarah Palin. It would be fun to see them face real scrutiny for just a week.


It seems like Bill O’Reilly is the only one with the guts to ask hard questions.

Death Row Binge

Richard Cooey was convicted in the sexual assaults and slayings of University of Akron students Dawn McCreery, 20, and Wendy Offredo, 21, in September 1986.

The evening before his execution, which had been delayed because he was too fat, Cooey was given a feast fit for a king.

“Cooey dined Monday evening on the special meal he ordered, including T-bone steak, onion rings, french fries, four eggs over easy, toast with butter, hash browns, a pint of rocky road ice cream, a Mountain Dew soft drink and bear claw pastries.”  

Did the girls he murdered get a feast before their deaths?


You know, I told my friends several months ago that this would not be a close election. Obama is so easy to beat. Sure he speaks well and yes the country is in pathetic shape but Obama is a pure socialist. Exposing his beliefs on the economy should be more than enough to kill his candidacy. His views on international relations and the military are terrifying. America is quickly becoming godless and immoral so, though his social views are not mainstream, people are willing to stomach them.

Unfortunately, I had it wrong. My friends told me that the media would bury McCain and I didn’t agree. McCain is a true centrist and has been for years. The media has been in love with him for a decade. They totally supported him in 2000. Though they certainly prefer Obama, I thought they would tolerate McCain. I was wrong. They have pulled out all the stops to kill his campaign. Of course McCain’s ineptitude when it comes to the economy hasn’t helped but I was wrong in underestimating the media. 

Personally, I can’t stand McCain. He is pathetic. As much as I can’t stand Obama, the Clinton years taught me that I can live through a liberal Democrat as president. The thing that scares me most is the unchecked nomination of judges. Since the Democrats own the Senate, we are poised for a significant shift in the makeup of the Supreme Court and a continued rise in legislating from the bench in the district courts. That really scares me.

Should the State Invest in Private Companies?

Constitutional Amendment E would allow the State Treasurer to invest in private companies.

I am very surprised that the Voter Information Pamphlet does not include opposing arguments. The argument in favor says, “In order to operate effectively in today’s financial markets, the State Treasurer must be able to diversify school and institutional trust fund portfolios in an appropriate manner, consistent with the prudent investor standard.”

Private companies do not have to adhere to the same financial reporting standards as public companies. Even receiving financial statements may be difficult which makes it hard to determine how your investment is performing. Private companies do not have to disclose ownership which makes it difficult to safeguard against conflict of interest. Since holdings in private companies do not have a ready market, selling your shares can be difficult.  

There are literally thousands of public investment opportunities available. The State Treasurer can do just fine with the options at hand without a change in the State Constitution.

That 70’s Show

This is a filthy, immoral show yet it’s on ABC Family. Give me a break!