For years I have made a habit of ordering a free credit report each year. In order to get the free report they make you sign up for a paid account. They give you 30 days free afterwhich they start charging your credit card. I always cancel five minutes after I get the report so that I don’t forget.

Today I was reviewing my credit card bill and found this obscure charge. I did some checking and found I had missed this charge for the last 10 months. I called the number and guess who it was?

I told them I had cancelled the account immediately but my protests went nowhere. I told them I hadn’t received a phone call, letter or email this whole year. (yes I checked my spam filter) Saying that they didn’t care was an understatement.

It was my fault for not scanning my credit charges more thoroughly but that doesn’t excuse theft. I’m disputing it with my credit card provider but I don’t expect much to come of it.

An interesting note is that I recently signed up for credit monitoring from the same company. Our mortgage lender lost our personal information and offered to provide two years of free credit monitoring. I asked Experian (the owners of both companies) why they let me open two monitoring accounts with the same SSN. They said they were two different systems.

I’m convinced that the three credit bureaus are all crooked. 

Did I mention that the support person hung up on me after waiting 15 minutes to talk to her manager? I need to get in the habit of ALWAYS asking their name at the beginning of the call. I need to get in the habit of doing a lot of things.

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