I would like to start a new organization. I would call it MIDHTV. It stands for, “Make It Dang Hard To Vote”. I realize it doesn’t role off the tongue like ACORN but acronyms are not my best subject.

I’ve always held that age 18 is way too young to vote. I remember the stupidity running through my mind when I was 18. I remember thinking I would use cloth diapers when I had children so I wouldn’t pollute the environment. What was I thinking? We have Nevada just a hundred miles to the west. You could mound dirty diapers and other nuclear waste out there for ten thousand years. Not only am I fine with other states nuclear waste traveling through Utah bound for Nevada—I’m fine with other planets dumping their waste there. Ouch that was a tangent. Back to voting….

I just don’t think 18 year olds are experienced enough to vote. Realistically, 25 should be the minimum. I would prefer 30 but I don’t want to be inflexible.

There is one case where I would be for lowering the age back to 18. Remember the 70’s movie “Logan’s Run”? The movie depicts a future society in which population and the consumption of resources is managed and maintained in equilibrium by demanding the death of everyone upon reaching the age of 21, thus avoiding the issue of overpopulation. So, in the MIDHTV’s charter I would make a provision for such a change in our society. “In the event that everyone is forcibly euthanized at age 21, the legal voting age would revert back to age 18.” That seems like a reasonable variance.

Along with increasing the voting age, I would increase the barriers to voting. No typo’s there. You read correctly. I would INCREASE the barriers to voting. Voting is a privilege. In some countries people walk many miles to vote. Some risk death by voting. If you are not willing to manually register yourself, you shouldn’t be able to vote. And you better bring a photo ID with you. Fraud is serious. Someone caught stealing someone else’s vote should be branded with a capital “D” on their forehead. The D stands for “Democrat” a term synonymous with stealing votes.

If a person is not willing to go through the simple steps of manually registering, do you expect them to do the research necessary to make a well thought out decision? We live in a country where people are elected based on their looks, charisma, or other superficial qualities. That’s a lousy foundation for good government. I want someone smart, articulate and ugly. If we had uglier politicians maybe we would have less infidelity in Washington.

Another item I would change is the straight party vote. Can you imagine someone voting straight Nazi, or straight Khmer Rouge? How about straight Marijuana Party? If you can’t study the issues and form a knowledgeable opinion—just stay home. 

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