You know, I told my friends several months ago that this would not be a close election. Obama is so easy to beat. Sure he speaks well and yes the country is in pathetic shape but Obama is a pure socialist. Exposing his beliefs on the economy should be more than enough to kill his candidacy. His views on international relations and the military are terrifying. America is quickly becoming godless and immoral so, though his social views are not mainstream, people are willing to stomach them.

Unfortunately, I had it wrong. My friends told me that the media would bury McCain and I didn’t agree. McCain is a true centrist and has been for years. The media has been in love with him for a decade. They totally supported him in 2000. Though they certainly prefer Obama, I thought they would tolerate McCain. I was wrong. They have pulled out all the stops to kill his campaign. Of course McCain’s ineptitude when it comes to the economy hasn’t helped but I was wrong in underestimating the media. 

Personally, I can’t stand McCain. He is pathetic. As much as I can’t stand Obama, the Clinton years taught me that I can live through a liberal Democrat as president. The thing that scares me most is the unchecked nomination of judges. Since the Democrats own the Senate, we are poised for a significant shift in the makeup of the Supreme Court and a continued rise in legislating from the bench in the district courts. That really scares me.

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