Charlie Collier leads AMC into the dregs

One of my all time favorite movies is “Rudy”. I was able to watch it today on AMC. This morning I watched “Willy Wanka and the Chocolate Factory” which was also on AMC. Despite watching these to classic movies, I’ve decided to take AMC off our channels list. It’s just not worth seeing their smutty commercials.

In November 2008, Charlie Collier was named president of AMC. It appears that his first order of business was to sign an advertising contract with Extenze, the penis enlargement product. They show their commercials 2-3 times each hour.


Charlie Collier, President of AMC

Charlie Collier, President of AMC

I don’t know if Mr. Collier has any children but I wonder if he cares as little for them as he does for the rest of the children in this country. I wonder if Mr. Collier put himself through college selling drugs at the local junior high school. Based on what I see that’s the type of individual that he is—someone who puts his career ahead of the good of our nations children.

He will be known as a pioneer in the industry. It’s just a matter of time before these commercials are on ABC, NBC and CBS. About a week after that they it will be shown on Disney, Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Channel. ABC Family is probably already showing them. 

Rooting for Oklahoma

Last night I watched the BCS championship game. I was rooting for Oklahoma because they are playing BYU next September. I wanted BYU to play the #1 team in the nation. I also have a tremendous desire to go noodling (fishing for catfish using only bare hands) for which Oklahoma is king.

The fact that Urban Meyer is a former Ute’s coach made it easier to root for Oklahoma. 

Like everyone else in the country, I’m confused about this ranking bologna. It appears that they used two different methodologies in determining rank. Before the BCS Championship game, they looked at Oklahoma and for various reason they determined that they were either #1 or #2 in the nation. After the game was over they stepped back and looked purely at their win/loss record. If they want to look purely at the win/loss record in the post season ranking, then Utah should have been #1.

Forget following the same methodology each week. They can’t even follow the same methodology for all teams the SAME week.