Come On

“Colts owner Jim Irsay said he wouldn’t vote to approve Limbaugh as an NFL owner. Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke harshly of Limbaugh. And several owners offered grim assessments that the outspoken Limbaugh would meet the standards of conduct demanded by the NFL.”

Wow, Rush can’t meet the standards of conduct demanded by the NFL? What standards is the NFL referring too? Here is a sample of NFL conduct by active players.

    Drug sales
    Domestic violence
    Assaulting a police officer
    Resisting Arrest
    Financing a drug ring
    Disturbing the peace
    DUI manslaughter
    Lewd Conduct
    Disorderly conduct
    Trafficking cocaine
    Tax evasion
    Obstruction of justice

Guys, these are crimes detailed in THIRTY DAYS worth or news media. 30 Days!! It’s certainly not a comprehensive list. The Dallas Cowboys alone could fill volumes. And these are not problems faced by marquee players. These crimes are committed by journeyman players.

The take home lesson is the power of political correctness. That is all this about. The NFL is against Rush because he says what we all think—what we all know.

I know Rush loves pro football but he should feel blessed to not associate himself with such a pile of dirt bags.

Ooops! That could have just cost me a chance at NFL ownership.

For more on NFL Crimes refer to:

Selective Compassion

The Federal Government has twice extended the unemployment benefits to Americans who live in states with unemployment over 6%. I am baffled that such an extension is not for all Americans. Is the pain experienced by a family in Utah less than the pain experienced by a family in Michigan?

Utah has less unemployment for a huge variety of reasons including: greater economic diversity, higher level of education, strong work ethic. These traits should be applauded not punished.

Justice should be measured evenly and so should unemployment benefits. It makes me wonder what we should expect when the government controls healthcare. My guess is that since Utah is one of the healthier states in the nation that we will receive less mammogram screening. Fewer flu shots. Fewer vials of antibiotic. Why should I assume healthcare will be treated differently?