Animals over humans

I read the article on about Dr. Gael Yonnet and his dog Elon. Elon was given to Dr. Yonnet, who is paralyzed, by Canine Companions for Independence. After 18 months they decided to take him back.

Quote, “the organization said Yonnet’s lifestyle and job were endangering the dog because he didn’t keep Elon on a leash, especially on trips to the mountains.”

First, that is silly. The mountains are full of families camping with small children. Dogs love the hills.

Second, I seriously don’t understand people who put animals over people. I love animals but I believe the needs of humans outweigh the needs of animals. Is everyone at CCI vegetarians?

I guess you have the right to do what you did but the result will be:
– CCI looking extreme like PETA
– CCI contributions will go down
– A dog is miserable living in a cage at the kennel where it is being kept
– A dog and his human companion will both feel lonely for each other

I remember hearing about a local DJ who went to the local SPCA to adopt a cat. He was asked details about the house where the cat would live. They didn’t like his answers and refused to let him take the cat.

Unfortunately I’ve met a number of animal lovers who clearly think more of animals than humans. Weird.