Tony Yapias is a criminal too

This guy openly supports illegal aliens.

Tony Yapias

I’ve been watching him on the news for years. Tonight he’s totally in the face of Teresa Bassett who published a list of illegal aliens. He kept saying, “you know you are a felon right!”.

Tony, you are a criminal as well. I bet you could give me a list of a thousand illegal aliens. I bet you aid them on a daily basis. I’m sure you don’t feel the least bit guilty about it because you feel justified. Just like Mr. Bassett feels justified.

My guess is that Proyecto Latino de Utah, helps illegals in the same way that ACORN supports pimps and prostitutes. Think about it? Do you ever help illegals “work” the system?

Tony wants the whole world to bend for Latino’s. He wants the US Government, LDS Church, State of Utah, Public Schools, US Courts, District Courts everyone and anyone who lives and breaths to fall down at the feet of illegal aliens. He reminds me of George P. Lee and his zeal for the native Americans.

I traveled to Mexico earlier this year and was thoroughly disgusted. It is rampant with criminals. You can’t park a car or sit on the beach without someone trying to extort money from you. “If you pay me, I’ll make sure no body messes with your car.” “If you pay me I’ll make sure no one steals your stuff while you swim.” Mr Yapias would claim its the poverty. In fact, it has nothing to do with poverty. I’ve traveled abroad many times to places such as Nepal and India. The people there did not act that way.

I’m not saying Latino’s are criminals. They are not bad people. They are just like every other group. However, Mexico’s society has completely disintegrated. Mexican leaders have thrown in the towel. They expect America to own and solve every problem.

Let me ask a question. How many people do you know that took Spanish in high school? I don’t know the percentage but it’s pretty high. Now, how many Mexican’s in Mexico take English in high school? If you go to Germany, France, China, Japan etc. virtually all kids learn English in school. For Pete’s sake Mexico, just try. Give us something to work with.

Mr. Yapias reminds me of parents who believe their kids can do no wrong. He’s like the over indulging parents in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. You need to expect something from those you are serving. Expecting them to learn English. Demand that they put their Mexican flags away.

Mr. Yapias has received numerous awards from Mexico. How about working with them to clean up their country and earn a few awards from the US.

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