I am so disgusted by Washington right now. First with the Democrats who, in the midst of this debt extension debate, argue that the Republicans need to compromise. It was only a year ago that the Democrats ran over Republicans over the health care vote. Now they act like the party of compromise?

The second thing that is really burning me up is the term “public service”. Being in politics or working in government, in ANY form short of the military, should not be called “public service”. If you get a paycheck it isn’t service.

Politicians act like they are in Washington to serve the people. They all know that they have to cut entitlements. We can’t continue to add more and more benefits to the population. They act like they agree but don’t do anything about it. They don’t even try to hid the fact that they operate differently in an election year.

Bad economic news was just released today. Apparently the first quarter numbers are being revised down from 1.9% growth to .4%. Get ready for Obama to blame it on businesses not taking his orders to hire.

Hey Cyclists

I’ve long been a foe of cyclists. Not mountain bikers. Not people riding in their neighborhoods. I’m a foe to the bikers riding streets that are not designed for cyclists. Living in Utah, that means all the mountain roads. Everyone knows there are roads that you can’t ride a bike on. I-15 is a good example. I believe many more roads should be considered off limits. How about State street? I’m not going to fight that one today. Today my beef is the winding mountain roads.

This week I was driving up East Canyon. I was pulling my boat to a reservoir to teach the motor boating merit badge to a group of scouts. I’m such a good guy! As I rode up the canyon I started encountering cyclists riding up the hill. They were mostly in groups of two but there were some singles. I noticed a state sign that said to watch for cyclists. Coincidentally, the radio had an announcement to watch for cyclists.

My question is what in the heck am I supposed to do when I’m approaching a blind curve with a double yellow line and I’ve got a cyclist on my right weaving back and forth. I’m putting up the hill pulling a trailer. I’m not in a Ferrari.

I took a few pics to show my dilemma? This road had dozens of these blind cures not five or six. I also photo-shopped in a rider.

Seriously, what should I do?

Lipstick on a Pig

Most companies spend years trying to develop a good name and reputation. Can you imagine Microsoft, McDonalds or Walmart doing a name change? So why would fifteen year old company want to change it’s name? Simple….they have made Qwest a terrible name and they have a horrible reputation. Unfortunately it takes more than a name change to make a company honest, reliable and service oriented.

Don’t be fooled!