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This camera captures all the panes in an image allowing you to adjust the focus after the picture is taken.

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Blessings for Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

Blessings (directly from the Lord)
1. Thou shalt delight thyself in the Lord (Isaiah 58:14)
2. I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth (Isaiah 58:14)
3. I will give you rain in due season (Leviticus 26:4)
4. The land shall yield her increase (Leviticus 26)
5. The trees shall yield their fruit (Leviticus 26)
6. Ye shall eat your bread to the full (Leviticus 26)
7. Ye shall dwell in your land safely (Leviticus 26)
8. I will give peace in the land (Leviticus 26) (World Peace?)
9. Ye shall lie down and none shall make you afraid (Leviticus 26)
10. I will rid evil beasts out of the land (Leviticus 26)
11. I will have respect unto you (Leviticus 26)
12. I will make you fruitful and multiply you (Leviticus 26)
13. I will establish my covenant with you (Leviticus 26)
14. I will set my tabernacle (temple) among you (Leviticus 26)
15. I will walk among you (Leviticus 26)
16. I will be your God and ye shall be my people (Leviticus 26)
17. Keep thyself unspotted from the world (D&C 59:9)
18. The fulness of the earth is yours (D&C 59:16)
19. The beasts of the field, the fowls of the air, that which climbeth upon the trees and walketh upon the earth (D&C 59:16)
20. The herb and the good things which come of the earth, whether for food or for raiment, or for houses or for barns, or for orchards, or for gardens, or for vineyards (D&C 59:17)

Elder Bruce R. McConkie said, “To this very day, “the matter of Sabbath observance remains … as one of the great tests which divides the righteous from the worldly and wicked,”


“The raw Census data show that the rate of poverty for single mothers is about five times as high as the rate of poverty for married households.

William Galston, the former advisor to President Clinton, has found that in order to avoid being poor you have to do three things:

(1) graduate from high school,
(2) wait until getting married to have children, and
(3) wait until age 20 to have children.

Only 8% of people who do those three things are poor. By contrast, a young person who breaks just one of these rules, has a 79 percent chance of ending up below the poverty line.”

Government is Incapable

The financial genius Warren Buffet thinks the rich should be taxed more. It’s baffling to me how someone who clearly understands the use of capital and how inefficiently the governments use capital can suggest such a thing.

If Warren takes his capital gains and invests it, the money will go to things like machinery. The purchase of that machinery will create jobs. The use of the machinery will create jobs and the resulting products will benefit society.

Now let’s go a different route. Let’s listen to Warren and give that money to the government. Let’s itemize a bit. We will assume 1/3 goes to administration, to pay government salaries in which nothing is produced. Let’s say they spend the 1/3 on food stamps. Once again nothing is produced. Now we will assume the remaining 1/3 is spent on building a bridge. If we are lucky the bridge will be useful to someone but don’t count on it.

Now I’m not saying that Warren’s money was wasted. Though a piece of the government salaries will be donated by individuals to the Democratic party, you’ve got to feed the beast, I’m sure most of it went to buying groceries and paying electric bills. As for the food stamps, of course some of it will get traded for cigarette money, but at least some of it will get used to buy baby formula. Finally, the bridge. Yes, it’s useful. I hope it’s not a bridge to nowhere.

Now I’m not saying government completely ineffective in leveraging capital and that the free market is proficient in using the same. But without question the free market is better at using money in a way that will answer the needs of the people. How about a few examples of government spending that I read about just this week:

#1 ‘Insane’ even by Illinois standards? Union official to get $500,000 in pensions

A labor leader in Chicago is expected to receive pension payments of nearly $500,000 a year, while another could get about $438,000 a year, according to reports Wednesday.

The Chicago Tribune and WGN-TV, which obtained information about union pension benefits during a joint investigation, said at least eight union officials in Chicago were eligible for what were described as inflated city pensions on top of union pensions for the same period of employment.

Chicago and Illinois are facing financial trouble, in part due to pension shortfalls.

On Tuesday, state Sen. Mark Kirk released a report on Illinois’ debt that said it had the worst credit rating of any state and that its debt was rising, NBC Chicago reported.

The Tribune said the official who was expected to get about $438,000 a year would do so from three pensions covering the same work period: a city laborers fund, a union district council fund and a national union fund.

It said an analysis showed that this 59-year-old union official, Liberato “Al” Naimoli, would get a total of about $9 million if he lived to his expected lifespan.

Another official, Charles LoVerde III, a former trustee of the city laborers’ pension fund, stood to receive three pensions for the same time period totaling nearly $500,000 a year, the investigation found.

The Tribune said he took leave of absence in 1998 from a job with the city’s water management department, which paid $44,000 a year, to work full time for the local.

The paper said the law states that union leaders with city pensions cannot “receive credit in any pension plan established by the local labor organization based on his employment by the organization.”

The Tribune said the joint investigation with WGN-TV found that Naimoli, president of Cement Workers Local 76, was receiving a city pension of about $158,000 a year. It said his city pension was based on his union salary.

Naimoli, who retired in 2010 from the $15,000-a-year city job, is also now eligible to receive a pension of about $60,000 a year, the paper said, from the Laborers’ Pension Fund for Chicago and Vicinity.

He also will become eligible for payments of about $220,000 a year from a third pension, provided by the national union, LIUNA, on his 60th birthday next year.

The Tribune said he had not worked his $15,000-a-year job with the city for a quarter of a century.

#2 Report: Pentagon doesn’t know where the money is going

The Defense Department, which has promised to publish a reliable account of how it spends its money by 2017, has discovered that its financial ledgers are in worse shape than expected and that it will have to spend billions of dollars in the coming years to make its financial accounting credible, the Center for Public Integrity reported Thursday.

The U.S. military has spent more than $6 billion to develop and deploy new financial systems, but the effort has been plagued by significant added overruns and delays, defense officials told the CPI, a nonprofit investigative news organization.

The Government Accountability Office said in a report last month that although the services can now fully track incoming appropriations, they still can’t demonstrate that their funds are being spent as they should be.

The Defense Department can’t tell reliably how it spends money for another six years. And it needs xxx billion just to do that? The Defense Department represents 20% of the Federal budget.

#3 Green Jobs Brown Out or How to spend $157,000 per Job.

The green jobs subsidy story gets more embarrassing by the day. Three years ago President Obama promised that by the end of the decade America would have five million green jobs, but so far some $90 billion in government spending has delivered very few.

A new report by the Labor Department’s Office of Inspector General examined a $500 million grant under the stimulus program to the Employment and Training Administration to “train and prepare individuals for careers in ‘green jobs.'” So far about $162.8 million has been spent. The program was supposed to train 125,000 workers, but only 53,000 have been “trained” so far, only 8,035 have found jobs, and only 1,033 were still in the job after six months.

The green jobs subsidy story gets more embarrassing by the day. Three years ago President Obama promised that by the end of the decade America would have five million green jobs, but so far some $90 billion in government spending has delivered very few.

The jobs record is even more dismal when you consider that many of the jobs classified as green aren’t even new jobs, much less green, according to a report from the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. They include positions that have been “relabeled as green jobs by the BLS [Bureau of Labor Statistics].”

This means that bus drivers, Environmental Protection Agency regulators, university professors teaching ecology, and even the Washington lobbyists who secure energy loan guarantees count as green employees for the purposes of government counting. The Oversight Committee finds that even a charitable assessment of the Labor program puts the cost of each green job at $157,000.

Of course private enterprise wastes money. But here’s the thing. The money wasted was given up voluntarily. That can’t be said for the money wasted by government. That money is extracted. You would think that money you are forced to surrender would be used with some sort of oversight. The term “government oversight” is an oxymoron.


Amazing result from a simple solution

It makes you wonder what other simple solutions we are overlooking. “For I say unto you that whatsoever is good cometh from God…” Alma 5:40