Greeks are confused

Here you have people who put their faith in government. Government gave them a party. Now the bill has come due. The creditor has the power to thrash them and yet they are defiant.
Their leader doesn’t seem to grasp basic economics. He thinks he can stop paying the paper boy yet still demand a daily paper.
These people have faced hardships and they will get worse. Way worse. It is sad to see but I want the whole world to see what happens. I want the French, Spanish, Italians and FREAKING Americans to see how the real world works. Governments can print money which causes inflation or they can take on debt which puts you at the mercy of the contract.

Microsoft’s Autorotate Image Feature

I would love to know how to kill Microsoft’s auto image rotation. My expense report receipts are always getting rotated on me. I don’t realize they are wrong until I upload them to SAP. Onedrive also auto rotates images as well.

If you think this is a great idea for a feature that’s fine. But give me the option to turn it off.