A friend recently alerted me that Twitter allows pornography. I was surprised to find that it has tens of thousands of graphic pornographic videos. Despite several layers of protection at my home, these videos were just one click away.

Since this discovery, I’ve been trying to increase our protection. We have several Windows computers, an iPhone, iPad and two Android phones. It is extremely difficult for me to resolve. If you uninstall Twitter from an iPhone you can still use the Safari browser to access the Twitter website. If you block the Safari browser and install K9’s Safe Browser you can still see it. If you block explicit content on the phone you can still see it. I have blocks on my home network but it still gets through.
The only way I was able to block Twitter on my home network was to explicitly enter in in my DNS. It’s not just Twitter. Instagram and Vine are the same way. I’m sure there are lots of other vulnerabilities but these are apps teenagers love.
I frankly can’t understand why cell phone OS’s are so terrible at blocking content.
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