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Medical Marijuana

“She said her condition requires the whole plant”. Of course it does! I’m 100% for making pills out of marijuana. If your illness requires the whole plant then you will have to do without. If your illness could can be treated by stem cells harvested from aborted babies–you will have to do without. Just because […]

Lack of Development on Google’s Gmail and Inbox

Google’s Gmail/Inbox is the most used mail system on earth with nearly a billion users. I’ve been using Gmail since it started. The whole time I’ve been dumbfounded by the lack of development Google has given it. I know email systems pretty well. I worked at Novell on the GroupWise product for over a decade. […]

Project Lockdown

My boy was recently in a high school lockdown. Watching law enforcement search each classroom one at a time seemed inefficient and dangerous. I think there are ways to make that better. Here is an idea I came up with.   Project Lockdown

Syrian Refugees

Concerning Republicans concerns over accepting Syrian refugees, Obama says, “apparently, they’re scared of widows and orphans”. The president never ceases to amaze me. He is an expert at poking the opposition in the eye. How dare Americans question bringing thousands of Syrians to America? Sure we have watched Syrians burning American flags for the last […]


A friend recently alerted me that Twitter allows pornography. I was surprised to find that it has tens of thousands of graphic pornographic videos. Despite several layers of protection at my home, these videos were just one click away. Since this discovery, I’ve been trying to increase our protection. We have several Windows computers, an […]

Directv…..all I can say is wow!

Have you ever called Directv? If so, have you noticed that the person you talk to can see a credit that needs to be applied or a discount that you are eligible for but they have to transfer you to another department to apply it. Then when you get to that department they can’t see […]

Directv are crooks

I signed up for Directv a year ago. Today I realized on my credit card statement that they had added $42 in charges the last two months. I called about it and was told that I now had NFL Sunday ticket. I told them I never ordered it and that I wanted it removed and […]


This quote has been attributed to Donald Trump but I don’t think he said it. Regardless of who wrote it, I like it because it shows how Democrats run government. “We’re going to be ‘gifted’ with a health care plan we are forced to purchase and fined if we don’t, which purportedly covers at least […]


I am a champion of Scouting. I received my Arrow of Light and Eagle Scout rank. I’ve served as a Webelo’s leader, 11 year old Scout leader (twice), Assistant Scoutmaster, Scoutmaster, Assistant Varsity Coach, Young Men’s President and Charter Organization Rep. I’ve worked with every age group from 10-18. I have ten years experience as […]