Eat Tilapia

I love fish. Rainbow trout, speckled trout, red fish, halibut, walleye, perch, croaker and sea bass are among my favorites. I love them fried in either flour or corn meal. Halibut thermidor, baked halibut with butter and cheese, is tough to beat. Fried sea bass coated with macadamia nuts….giddy-up!

These fish can also be cooked in a more nutritious fashion. A typically method is either baking or grilled the fish with some herbs and a little lemon juice. Though I can eat and enjoy any of these cooked a nutritious way, it isn’t my preference.

Recently I discovered Tilapia; a fish I love eating the nutritious way. Tilapia is great baked with a little salt and lemon juice on top. We buy it at Costco in individually frozen filets. I’ve never bought it fresh and had it be as good, so I’ll stick with the frozen. I’m so thrilled with the discovery of Tilapia that I want everyone to know about it. Hopefully a few details will get you excited about it.

Common names

  • Tilapia (Blue, Nile and Mozambique)

  • St. Peter’s Fish

  • The Wonder Fish

  • Nile Perch


  • Excellent tasting, firm, white meat

  • Protein rich

  • Kosher

  • Non-fishy taste

  • Vegetarian eating only algae and plants

  • Low on food chain so they don’t build up pollutants in their bodies

  • Very strong digestive acids allow for efficient digestion

  • Easily grown in third world for local consumption or cash crop


  • Hardy fish that like warm water

  • Thrives in fresh, brackish, or salt water

  • Great cleanup fish for wastewater

  • Tilapia waste is good fertilizer

  • When conditions are good, there are no diseases that cause significant population impact

  • Can go from fry to harvest in six months

  • Reproduce year round

  • Can be grown in open ponds, submerged cages, aquariums or tanks on land

  • Tolerant of environmental changes, water quality, temperature, salinity and population density

  • Inexpensive to grow


  • Tilapia is recorded in human history as far back as ancient Egypt

  • Tradition holds that the Tilapia was the fish that Jesus used to feed the five-thousand on the Sea of Galilee

  • Presumed to be the fish that carried a shekel coin in its mouth (see Matthew 17)

  • First fish taken into space

If you don’t like fish….go get some tilapia. Trust me!


The television show M*A*S*H had two quotes about tattoos that pretty much sum up my opinion.

“Why would you want to hang something on your body that you would never hang on your wall?”

“Tattoos are the poor man’s way of investing in art.”

I don’t understand the general subject matter of tattoos. What’s with all the devils, skulls and dragons? Just once I would like to see a beautiful mountain scene with a river running through it. A guy standing in the middle of the river, fly rod in hand with an enormous trout flying through the air on the end of the line.

Outrage of the Year – 2006

Ok, I’m a little late on this. But I didn’t hear about this until today.

FEMA paid $115,000,000 to rebuild the Superdome.

“Well, here’s who footed the bill for the new and improved Superdome:

  • FEMA: $115 Million
  • State of Louisiana: $13 Million
  • NFL: $15 Million
  • LSED Bond: $41 Million

Total: $184 Million”

Source: I don’t know much about this source but I found this link after it was reported on CNBC.

I found very few sources of this information on the web. I could find no references to it in a Google News search.

Are You an Independent Thinker?

Probably Not. The other day I was thinking about how most people in this world are non-thinkers. They are led around like sheep. Think about it. If you live in the city, you are going to be more socially liberal. If live in the country you tend to be conservatively minded. If you come from a liberal family you will be more liberal. If you come from a conservative family you will be more conservative. If you family likes country music you will have a much better chance of liking country music. It all seems obvious right? Well, that tells me that most people don’t do much serious thinking. So what about me? I live in a conservative community and family. Guess what? I’m conservative. I’m more conservative than most but I still fit the mold.  I could go through many of my social circles and see how my way of thinking conforms. Am I a sheep like everyone else or am I a deep thinker that just happen to get it right and right just happens to be LDS conservative. Of course that is what I think deep down. I don’t think of myself as a major follower but I do believe my philosophies are correct. If I didn’t I wouldn’t prescribe them. Action Items: 

  • Expose myself to different cultures and ideas

  • Look at the philosophies that I embrace that are closely correlated with my culture and seriously look at the other viewpoints.

  • Be more tolerant of other people’s ideas since I am most likely a sheep.

Drunk Driving

Currently if you get caught poaching a deer or elk in the state of Utah, you have a pretty good chance of losing your truck, license and gun.  You will also pay a fine and may get jail time.  You will also be publically disgraced on television.   If you drive drunk and kill someone, you may make it on the news and will be tried in court.  A fine is certain but you won’t lose your automobile, license or any other belongings.  You may get some jail time. 

The penalty for drunk driving should be more severe than the penalty for poaching an animal.  I think the argument has been that the offender needs their automobile to get to work.  I think this argument is flawed.  In the case of poaching; the automobile is not a weapon.  When someone gets killed by a drunk driver the weapon is always the automobile.  I think many people would agree that the first time you get caught drunk driving you should lose your automobile, pay a fine and receive probation.  This would be a pretty strong deterrent.  A second offense should include jail time etc.   I feel the penalty for killing a person should be more severe than the penalty for harvesting a game animal out of season.