I am a champion of Scouting. I received my Arrow of Light and Eagle Scout rank. I’ve served as a Webelo’s leader, 11 year old Scout leader (twice), Assistant Scoutmaster, Scoutmaster, Assistant Varsity Coach, Young Men’s President and Charter Organization Rep. I’ve worked with every age group from 10-18. I have ten years experience as a youth Scout and over 20 years’ experience as an adult Scout leader.

Based on that experience I want to relate what boys learn in Scouting. See Why Scouting

I love Texas!


“One day you are a peacock–the next day you’re a feather duster.”


“I will devour it. Then I will regurgatate it. Then I devour it again. Two times devoured.”

Vlad the Assassin

Incredible LDS Scripture Website

Latter-Day Saints are mostly aware of the web page This is a great site that allows you to easily traverse the scriptures as you study. However, there is another site that everyone should be aware of: This website has been around for several years but is still largely unknown.

If you use the footnotes in the LDS scriptures, you will love the features of this site. There are three main frames on the page. The left frame is used to traverse the scriptures. The bottom frame is used to read the scriptures directly from with all the footnotes. The real gem of this site is the top frame. Here you have links to the General Conference talks for each referenced verse.

For instance, my favorite scripture is Galatians 5:22, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith”. This site shows me this scripture was referred to over 20 times in General Conference. Because General Conference talks are available on from 1971 to the present, you can easily click browse through the conference talks to gain insight.

Whether you are preparing a lesson or doing personal study, this site is a wonderful tool.