Coverage of Iraq

I am absolutely dumbfounded by the rapid change in coverage of the Iraq war. Even ABC news is running stories on the daily transfer of responsibilities from the US military to Iraq. They interviewed a lovely young woman in a Bagdad as she watched her children play in a park. She was dressed like a Westerner. You leave the story feeling good about the war.

Why didn’t the media show ANY of this before January 21st? I bet I can guess.

Did Isaiah write about this?

California Surgeon Used Human Fat to Power Car,2933,473078,00.html

Friday, December 26, 2008

A former Beverly Hills, Calif. liposuction doctor claimed to have the environment’s best interests at heart when he began fueling his and his girlfriend’s SUVs with human fat sucked out of his patients.

Unfortunately the practice was illegal, according to California state health officials.

An investigation by the California public health department revealed that Craig Alan Bittner created “lipodiesel” from his patients’ fat and used it to power his Ford SUV and his girlfriend’s Lincoln Navigator, reported this week.

“The vast majority of my patients request that I use their fat for fuel — and I have more fat than I can use,” Bittner wrote on his now defunct Web site. “Not only do they get to lose their love handles or chubby belly but they get to take part in saving the Earth.”

California law forbids the use of human medical waste to power vehicles.


Really? They have a law on the books for this? California lawmakers sure are thorough.

Liberal Double Standard

With the recent passage of Proposition 8 in California we are once again shown the double standard of the liberal movement. For decades liberal churches have been picking up their parishioners in buses and driving them to the voting precincts. All the way they tell them how to vote. When that happens, IN EVERY ELECTION, you don’t hear a word about pulling their tax exempt status. Does reverend Wright sound neutral? How about Jesse Jackson? The LDS Church has gone to great lengths to stay politically neutral. However, they have reserved the right to express opinions on moral issues. I believe there is a thousand years of precedence on religions expressing opinions on moral issues.

Proposition 8 lost by popular vote. The voice of the people should be the ultimate standard. Unfortunately, the voice of the people is exactly what liberals want to avoid. They prefer to get their way by legislating from the bench. Their way meaning: legalizing abortion, legalizing gay marriage, banning school prayer and banning religious symbols.

Liberals want the voice of the people as long as they, and only they, can act as influencers. If the voice of the people doesn’t go their way, they go to the courts, targeting district courts that favor their side.

Now that the election is over they are marching on the LDS church temples. Can someone explain to me why? It’s over, there isn’t another vote next week. Why are they marching now? It’s clear that they are trying to intimidate the Church and its members. Intimidation….now that’s American. 

They are tenacious. You got to love them for that.

Free Tibet

Great article to read: Palestine vs. Tibet

Hate Crimes

If a person commits a crime they should be punished for that crime. I don’t believe they should receive a stiffer penalty because of the reading material found on their bedside table. I’m not opposed to using that information to support the argument for premeditation but the reason a person commits a crime does not matter.

I believe liberals want to agree with this logic but their desire to accommodate two specific groups causes them to turn a blind eye. Liberals have faced this quandary in the past. Feminist groups ignored Bill Clinton’s past, present and future because he supported abortion.

Dogs and the Trouble They Cause

You would think from the title that this is being penned by someone who hates dogs. That isn’t the case. I have a huge appreciation for dogs, though I might step short of calling myself a dog lover. I am writing this because I’m pragmatic and am looking at having dogs in an objective manner.

When I was in fourth grade I got a dog. Her name was Lady. She died my senior year in high school and it was very traumatic. Many tears were shed. Since Lady, I’ve had close association with three dogs. All were good dogs but I haven’t bonded with them like I did Lady.

I’ve had my most recent dog (Rue) for six years now. She is a good dog: very loving and fairly obedient. She is what I would consider typical. She likes to run away sometimes. Lightning storms cause her to roam. She barks when she thinks there is a ripple in the time space continuum.

I try to be a good dog owner. Rue has a shock collar for when she barks. I have a buried electronic fence to keep her in the yard. I would classify myself as a responsible dog owner. Though, I don’t know if my neighbors would agree. She certainly causes trouble from time to time and I’m sure I don’t know about every incident.

I’ve tried very hard to be aware and attentive to the negative externalities that go along with owning a dog. I don’t believe that because I have a dog, my neighbors should have to deal with the hassles of ownership.

Over the last few years I have come to the conclusion that people shouldn’t have outdoor pets in an urban setting.

You may ask; why do you still have a dog? It’s complicated but basically I don’t plan on getting another dog when Rue dies. I’ve decided not to get rid of Rue at this point. The kids want to keep her.

Recently I came to realize the amount of trouble dogs have caused in our neighborhood. Here is a quick list.

  • Renters had a dog in a “no pets” apartment. When they were evicted they had hard feelings.
  • Huge dog poops on neighbor’s front yard. Neighbor starts tossing it over the fence after communication fails.
  • Dog barks in the middle of the night. Woman shows up on owner’s front porch at 2am very upset.
  • Little dog does his business on neighbors front yard. The neighbor sees it happen and sees the owner ignore it and hard feelings begin.
  • Pit bull gets out. Goes to neighbor’s yard and locks onto neighbor’s dog’s neck. Have to pry them apart with a broom stick.
  • Two dogs barking at night for years. Aggravates neighbors.
  • Two dogs in a kennel and their poop isn’t cleaned up. Neighbors smell it from their yard.
  • Stray male dog impregnates female dog. Several cases.
  • Dogs barking all the time for years.
  • Dog poops in neighbor’s yard.
  • Dog kills or attacks chickens. Three different cases.
  • Dog roams someone else’s yard.
  • Dog rips into someone’s garbage can.
  • Dog barks constantly at night.
  • Dog poops in neighbor’s yard. House 1.
  • Dog poops in neighbor’s yard. House 2.
  • Dog poops in neighbor’s yard. House 3.
  • Dog poops in neighbor’s yard. House 4. Dozens of times.
  • Dog poops in neighbor’s yard. House 5. Dozens of times.
  • Dog jumps on side of truck and scratches paint.
  • Dog scares children.
  • Dog takes off with shoe.
  • Dog chases neighbor.
  • Neighbor calls police for dog barking. I know of two cases where this occurred. In one case a fist fight nearly starts.
  • Dog and cat get in a scuffle. I know of two cases of this. In both events the dog was hurt and cat is fine.

I put this list together in under five minutes. How many more events have I forgotten? How many more have I not heard about? These are all cases where a neighbor was bothered enough that they mentioned it to others. This doesn’t include the myriad of times I saw dogs in my yard whose owners I didn’t know. It’s probably safe to say that if you want to be the subject of neighborhood conversations–get a dog. It’s very effective.

Don’t get me wrong. I live in a great neighborhood. Everyone gets along. However, I can think of no other issue that generates more anger and frustration. Use of the street, yard maintenance, loud music, …..all other issues combined do not compare to the frustration created by dogs in the neighborhood.

Is it really worth it?

Check out Wade Blasingame the dog lawyer.


The television show M*A*S*H had two quotes about tattoos that pretty much sum up my opinion.

“Why would you want to hang something on your body that you would never hang on your wall?”

“Tattoos are the poor man’s way of investing in art.”

I don’t understand the general subject matter of tattoos. What’s with all the devils, skulls and dragons? Just once I would like to see a beautiful mountain scene with a river running through it. A guy standing in the middle of the river, fly rod in hand with an enormous trout flying through the air on the end of the line.

Are You an Independent Thinker?

Probably Not. The other day I was thinking about how most people in this world are non-thinkers. They are led around like sheep. Think about it. If you live in the city, you are going to be more socially liberal. If live in the country you tend to be conservatively minded. If you come from a liberal family you will be more liberal. If you come from a conservative family you will be more conservative. If you family likes country music you will have a much better chance of liking country music. It all seems obvious right? Well, that tells me that most people don’t do much serious thinking. So what about me? I live in a conservative community and family. Guess what? I’m conservative. I’m more conservative than most but I still fit the mold.  I could go through many of my social circles and see how my way of thinking conforms. Am I a sheep like everyone else or am I a deep thinker that just happen to get it right and right just happens to be LDS conservative. Of course that is what I think deep down. I don’t think of myself as a major follower but I do believe my philosophies are correct. If I didn’t I wouldn’t prescribe them. Action Items: 

  • Expose myself to different cultures and ideas

  • Look at the philosophies that I embrace that are closely correlated with my culture and seriously look at the other viewpoints.

  • Be more tolerant of other people’s ideas since I am most likely a sheep.

Drunk Driving

Currently if you get caught poaching a deer or elk in the state of Utah, you have a pretty good chance of losing your truck, license and gun.  You will also pay a fine and may get jail time.  You will also be publically disgraced on television.   If you drive drunk and kill someone, you may make it on the news and will be tried in court.  A fine is certain but you won’t lose your automobile, license or any other belongings.  You may get some jail time. 

The penalty for drunk driving should be more severe than the penalty for poaching an animal.  I think the argument has been that the offender needs their automobile to get to work.  I think this argument is flawed.  In the case of poaching; the automobile is not a weapon.  When someone gets killed by a drunk driver the weapon is always the automobile.  I think many people would agree that the first time you get caught drunk driving you should lose your automobile, pay a fine and receive probation.  This would be a pretty strong deterrent.  A second offense should include jail time etc.   I feel the penalty for killing a person should be more severe than the penalty for harvesting a game animal out of season.