Well Great!

First Utah goes to the PAC-10 and now the YMCA takes our name.

YMCA shortens name, now known only as “the Y”

CHICAGO (AP) — The YMCA is now known officially as just “the Y.”

The Chicago-based U.S. non-profit announced Monday that it is changing both its logo and name to “the Y,” marking its first branding change in 43 years. The switch comes after more than two years of research indicated many people don’t understand what the group does. Officials with the Y say they hope the new logo will be more inviting.

The group’s mission is to strengthen communities by focusing on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

The new name applies to the group nationally, but individual locations will still be referred to as YMCAs. The transition is already underway and should be completed within five years at locations in more than 10,000 communities across the country.

“I have not been true to my values…” Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods

“I have not been true to my values…” That is what Tiger Woods said in his apology. You know, there are times when you should just keep your mouth shut. This statement just puts him further in the whole as far as I am concerned.

In making this statement he is either deliberately lying or he’s delusional. If a guy robs banks every week for years and then says, he hasn’t been true to his values–what are you going to think? Tiger may be thinking internally that his values don’t include adultery but his behavior says otherwise. You simply can’t do it that consistently and have it be a big deal to you. Do you think Bill Clinton really thinks monogamy is important?

I don’t ever condone adultery but there are different levels of offense. Tiger is a record breaker and he broke all standards of infidelity. He didn’t get lonely one night after weeks on the road. He systematically built a harem of woman in cities around the country and perhaps the world.

In a day when adultery is joked about as naive, consider a few things:

  • He planned trips for the sole purpose of immortality.
  • He looked his wife in the eyes and made up stories for why he needed to leave town
  • He got his wife pregnant and cheated on her while she was not only carrying a baby but caring for his small daughter at the same time.
  • He put his wife and children at risk of painful, debilitating and deadly diseases.

Anyone can repent but he’s only sorry he got caught. The purpose of his apology is to do one thing–preserve revenue. It has nothing to do with contrition or trying to overcome personal failings. It’s about limiting the damage he is done to his career.

For years I’ve rooted for Tiger. After all this I will continue to root for him. I will root for him to lose.

Still Stewing

I’m still stewing about this year’s BYU/Utah game. Yes BYU won but they didn’t cream Utah. I absolutely hate Utah and winning isn’t enough. I wan’t annihilation. When Max Hall said he hated everything about Utah he was singing my song. As the years have progressed I’ve developed more distaste for the school. This year I had tickets to the game and chose to give them away. I just can’t stand the aggravation. I knew I would be angry about ever call and I was right.

I’ve never liked Utah but over time I’ve realized they are not the University of Utah. They are a university in Utah. There charter isn’t education but liberalism and rebellion. They are the anti-BYU. It is loaded to the hilt with students who have rebelled against Mormonism. Everything goes except religion. Let me correct that. Everything goes except the Mormon religion. If a student wants to explore Hinduism, Buddhism or Mysticism, that’s just great. But if you are Mormon you’re an idiot.

So when football season comes I find it impossible to route for the Utes. I don’t care if they are in a BCS bowl. I will never route for them. I can acknowledge that they are good. They know how to win. They have done much better than BYU in post season bowls and in the NCAA basketball tournaments. Their success is aggravating.

Clearly I’m not the only one with these feelings. Every time BYU and Utah play, ugly things happen. I think things are getting out of hand.

I didn’t have these hostile feelings in the Edwards/McBride days. Both were great coaches who put the football in it’s proper perspective. They laughed, joked, hugged and teased each other. They shot commercials, golfed and attended charitable events together. I can see in hindsight that this was a powerful example.

We haven’t seen that type of example for years. Crowton, Meyer, Bronco and Kyle haven’t shown any interest in each other. Yes there are a few billboards of them pitching kidney cars but they look photoshoped. The ugliness of the rivalry isn’t fun or productive. It’s time to soften things up a bit.

Come On

“Colts owner Jim Irsay said he wouldn’t vote to approve Limbaugh as an NFL owner. Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke harshly of Limbaugh. And several owners offered grim assessments that the outspoken Limbaugh would meet the standards of conduct demanded by the NFL.”

Wow, Rush can’t meet the standards of conduct demanded by the NFL? What standards is the NFL referring too? Here is a sample of NFL conduct by active players.

    Drug sales
    Domestic violence
    Assaulting a police officer
    Resisting Arrest
    Financing a drug ring
    Disturbing the peace
    DUI manslaughter
    Lewd Conduct
    Disorderly conduct
    Trafficking cocaine
    Tax evasion
    Obstruction of justice

Guys, these are crimes detailed in THIRTY DAYS worth or news media. 30 Days!! It’s certainly not a comprehensive list. The Dallas Cowboys alone could fill volumes. And these are not problems faced by marquee players. These crimes are committed by journeyman players.

The take home lesson is the power of political correctness. That is all this about. The NFL is against Rush because he says what we all think—what we all know.

I know Rush loves pro football but he should feel blessed to not associate himself with such a pile of dirt bags.

Ooops! That could have just cost me a chance at NFL ownership.

For more on NFL Crimes refer to: http://nflcrimes.blogspot.com/

Modern Day Apology

In last night’s US Open, Serena Williams went ballistic on a small woman line judge. Serena who is built like a dump truck couldn’t understand why the little lady would feel threatened. If you watched it you would see Serena walk over to her with racket in hand, point the racket angrily at the woman and said, “If I could, I would take … this ball and … shove it down your throat.”

That type of behavior is very rare in sports. Especially in Tennis. After twenty four hours of thought on the subject here is the statement Serena came up with:

“Last night everyone could truly see the passion I have for my job. Now that I have had time to gain my composure, I can see that while I don’t agree with the unfair line call, in the heat of battle I let my passion and emotion get the better of me and as a result handled the situation poorly. I would like to thank my fans and supporters for understanding that I am human and I look forward to continuing the journey, both professionally and personally, with you all as I move forward and grow from this experience.”

What is she clearly saying in this statement?

  • She should be applauded for taking her job seriously
  • She is no worse than anyone else
  • Forget about it because it is no big deal

I can’t stand it when people say, “I am human”. I’m pretty sure we don’t need to be reminded of that. It seems fairly obvious.

I’m sure that she will come out with a real apology in a few more days but she’s shown who she is, and at this point and I don’t see any class in her character.

MSNBC Propaganda

MSNBC just posted an article titled, “Drugmakers Ready $150 Million for Obama Plan”. I’m chapped about a particular line in the article. “…given the drug industry’s recent history of siding with Republicans and the Democrats’ disdain for special interests.” What? “Democrats’ disdain for special interests.” That’s not just a lie–it’s propaganda. No reasonable person, Democrat or Replublican, would say their party has a disdain for special interests. Both parties are completely owned by special interests. Frankly, I’m not sure it’s a bad thing. Special interests are just a group of people who feel strongly about something and seek to support it. What’s wrong with that?

Nevertheless, “special interests” clearly has a negative connotation. Suggesting that common sense and working for the public good is hijacked for a particular group. It is a constant source of aggravation when journalists who portend to be unbiased, constantly puppet a particular party.

Journalism a necessary evil but it is evil. Journalists treat their occupation like it is a religion. They are fierce defenders that go beyond it being a job. They see it as a high and noble calling.

I’ve never been able to figure two things out. 1- Why does the work push people towards liberalism? 2- Why do they hold claim that they are unbiased when they so clearly promote the liberal way?

I guess it is a question for the ages.

Rooting for Oklahoma

Last night I watched the BCS championship game. I was rooting for Oklahoma because they are playing BYU next September. I wanted BYU to play the #1 team in the nation. I also have a tremendous desire to go noodling (fishing for catfish using only bare hands) for which Oklahoma is king.

The fact that Urban Meyer is a former Ute’s coach made it easier to root for Oklahoma. 

Like everyone else in the country, I’m confused about this ranking bologna. It appears that they used two different methodologies in determining rank. Before the BCS Championship game, they looked at Oklahoma and for various reason they determined that they were either #1 or #2 in the nation. After the game was over they stepped back and looked purely at their win/loss record. If they want to look purely at the win/loss record in the post season ranking, then Utah should have been #1.

Forget following the same methodology each week. They can’t even follow the same methodology for all teams the SAME week.