Scout Neckerchief Slides

My mother came up with all these slides forty years ago as a den mother. I'll add more as I replicate them.

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Turkey Neck Slides

Start out with some left over bones from the neck of a turkey. The bigger the turkey the better. All the bones are not suitable.
Boil them to get the junk off. You don't need to bleach them because you will be painting them later. But you can bleach them if you want.

You need some bailing wire. Wipe if off because it is usually coated with oil.

When tightening the loops you need to be careful not to crush the bone. Take a piece of pop corn and glue it into the eye socket with hot
glue. I would do the wiring and glueing yourself and then have the scouts paint them. You can just use tole paint. After they dry, spray them
with clear coat.


Black 2

Raw front

Raw bottom



BYU slide

Hotcakes Slide