Poor Joe

Finally, the Obama campaign faces a real reporter but all they can do is run for cover. Biden absolutely crashed and burned. It shows that even veteran liberal politicians have no experience facing the press. I don’t consider the major news channels press. Frankly I don’t consider many of what are considered “right wing” news organizations as true press. When they get a rare interview with a liberal politician they soft toss questions so they don’t completely kill their opportunities for interviews in the future.  

The questions Joe faced had easy outs. He just couldn’t think of them because he was so shocked that the question was even asked. He never imagined a question about: ACORN, Obama’s “spread the wealth” comment or his own comment on an international crisis. These questions are nothing compared to the questions faced by Sarah Palin. It would be fun to see them face real scrutiny for just a week.


It seems like Bill O’Reilly is the only one with the guts to ask hard questions.

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