Directv are crooks

I signed up for Directv a year ago. Today I realized on my credit card statement that they had added $42 in charges the last two months. I called about it and was told that I now had NFL Sunday ticket. I told them I never ordered it and that I wanted it removed and a refund for the last two months. They said it couldn’t be removed and that they wouldn’t refund my money. I hit the roof. I went from happy customer to beyond angry instantly.

They said they notified me last May and June that it would be added and that I had to request removal it before it started. I told them I’m on paperless billing and don’t even look at their statements. For all I know their statements were in my spam folder. They didn’t care.

I cancelled and ate the whole charge including the early termination. I just can’t continue to buy services from a company with that kind level of integrity.

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